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Kelly Ann

Hi my name is Kelly Ann Jones and I’ve been a full-time, artist working from home since 2017. I am a woman survivor of domestic violence and my vision is to help as many women as I can to heal themselves through art. I didn’t know I could even draw until a few years ago.

It was when my best friend passed away unexpectedly that I needed a way to get through the emotional turmoil. I chanced upon art as therapy and within a few weeks realised that I was getting quite good at it. Well at least my other friends were telling me that I was. After a while people were saying that I should create a business and that’s what I did and here I am with my own unique style. It was through creating this business that I realised my passion to help women heal the hurt that has been inflicted on them through no fault of their own. To join my growing community of women using art as a healing process just click here She Sparkles


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